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Patient-centered communication workshop

  • 07 Mar 2017
  • Ollie

In February 2017, Jan Fehr visited Kampala together with Prof. Wolf Langewitz and Dr. Stefan Erb. Prof. Langewitz is specialized in internal medicine... Continue Reading

Junior Staff

  • 02 Nov 2016
  • Ollie

Dana Weissberg & Anna Baumann from Zurich, Switzerland: It is our pleasure to announce that our first doctoral students from the... Continue Reading

Conference on HIV Drug Therapy in Glasgow

  • 23 Oct 2016
  • Ollie

We are proud to announce that all three abstracts submitted by our collaboration were accepted to this year’s HIV conference in... Continue Reading

Zurich city councilor for health visits Kampala

  • 01 Aug 2016
  • Ollie

In July 2016, a delegation representing key institutions in the City of Zurich’s health system traveled to Kampala for a three-day... Continue Reading