Dr. Barbara Castelnuovo, MD, Master in Infectious Diseases, PhD.  She is a Uganda-based (for over 10 years) clinical researcher at IDI leading observational longitudinal studies (cohorts) at IDI. She obtained her PhD at the University of Antwerp; her doctorate research was based on the cohorts she has set up and analyzed. Through these routinely collected data she has been able to evaluate patients’ outcomes as well as to evaluate systems within IDI.

To date she has co-authored over 50 publications. Her research contributed to the update in antiretroviral treatment guidelines at IDI and is part of the body of work which resulted into the inclusion of viral monitoring. She also demonstrated that provider-based electronic medical records can be used in Sub-Saharan Africa and lead to a reduction in errors and missing information, while both providers and patients appreciate the automation of some tasks.

Since 2012 she has been the Principal Investigator for the SOUTH study, which is a trial within the collaboration between the UZH and IDI. This study is evaluating if there is a relationship between anti-TB drugs levels and TB treatment outcomes in TB-HIV co-infected patients; the patients will also be followed up for 5 years after being treated for TB in the SOUTH cohort to evaluate long term outcomes of patients with TB. Within the collaboration she is also the IDI based scientific leader. She is currently co-supervising the Ugandan PhD student and offering mentoring to the Swiss fellows.