R4GH strives to build and maintain a competent and highly qualified health workforce for the benefit of our patients. By investing in young researchers and clinicians, we strengthen the collaborative and cross-boundary spirit of R4GH in the next generation.

Young researchers and clinicians are a vital part of R4GH. Through their contributions in the lab and at the bedside they are indispensable to our projects. We follow an experiential learning approach and fully integrate young investigators in all stages of our projects. They engage in hands-on clinical practice, desk research, case discussions, publishing, and international conferences. This equips them with a wide set of skills to keep working on global health challenges.

Young researchers and clinicians involved in our projects also greatly benefit from working with mentors and partner institutions abroad. They get the opportunity to work and learn in different cultural and economic contexts, and gain experience that helps them understand and approach challenges in these settings.