R4GH’s activities follow a cycle from bedside to bench to bedside. Within this cycle, applied research is the motor behind improved clinical care and better outcomes in patients. Through a process that runs from innovation to validation to application, we work on solutions for challenges that we encounter in clinical care, and that affect patients around the globe. Our current research activities are focused on HIV and TB. In the future, we plan to add non-communicable diseases, as well as zoonotic diseases and neglected tropical diseases to our research portfolio.

R4GH research projects are carried out by the IDI and the University of Zurich with financial and in-kind support from various foundations, corporations and public institutions. Following our core values of joint ownership and agenda setting, we design our research projects to take into consideration each partner’s specific strengths and competencies. Capacity building and reverse innovation are embedded in our research projects, and contribute to a mutually beneficial partnership.